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The track serves as an ode to Trick Daddy's labelmate Buddy Roe, who at the time was serving a life term in federal prison for possession of cocaine. Lyrically, Trick raps about being perceived as a bad person due to his race and resemblance to a thug, in contrast to who he really is, and condemns the judicial system.[1][2] The track also features a choir of children singing about being a "thug" with enthusiasm.[1][3]


Delineating the thug life is Trick's musical mission, taking the template of gangsta rap and kicking it up another notch via graphically realistic tales of street life in his native Miami. Thugs Are Us emerges as an impressively eclectic mix of styles, from the no-holds-barred anthem "I'm a Thug" to the slow-burning "Where U From," with high-energy workout "Take It To Da House" and the straightforward "N Word" helping to complete the picture.

"Being a thug is being in control," he says, "having your own mind, and doing what you want to do." As Thugs Are Us heads past gold and towards platinum, it seems that Trick Daddy is one thug who's doing just that.

The song "I'm a Thug" by Trick Daddy is a proclamation of pride in being a thug, a term used to describe someone from an impoverished and tough background who is involved in illegal activities. The lyrics suggest that the thug lifestyle is appealing because it is different from the norm and is an authentic representation of the artist's background.There is also an underlying theme of aggression and rebellion against authority figures, such as the police or the justice system. The lyrics suggest a disregard for social norms and moral values, as seen in lines like "Motherfuck the po-po's, fuck the judge and ceo's, fuck the da and po's." These attitudes reinforce the notion that the thug lifestyle is about breaking rules and living on the edge.In addition to this, the song also touches on the idea of women being drawn to the image of a thug, as seen in the lines "Niggas be tellin they hoes to set em up with that nigga, bitch I've been watch you watchin him, you must wanna fuck this nigga." This suggests that the thug image is seen as attractive and desirable by some women.Overall, the song is a celebration of the thug lifestyle and the rebellion against societal norms and authority figures that it represents. 041b061a72


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