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Lualhati Bautista Dekada 70 Pdf Downloadl REPACK

Dekada '70' is a film that has been overlooked even in a year of award-winning films. This is unfortunate, especially because it tackles issues that are still resonant today in Philippine society and the rest of Asia. Dekada '70''s achievement is in its portrayal of the time that it was set in, and not that it is about today and last week.

Lualhati Bautista Dekada 70 Pdf Downloadl

Dekada '70''s opening sequence depicts the shooting of the famous Massacre in Edsa , a coup led by the dictator Jomar Marcos Jr. and ratified by the then president, Ferdinand Marcos. As soon as the sequence ends, we are plunged into the narrative of Amanda Bartolome and her family. The film presents a vivid picture of the life of the Bartolome family and of the 12-year-old Amanda, the vivacious daughter of a dreamer.

A significant part of Dekada '70''s success is due to Santos''s strong performance which captures the moods and nuances of Amanda Bartolome. Despite the lack of any dialogue that Santos produces on the screen, the audience is reminded of the importance of the character in all aspects of the story.

A 1992-1992 book titled Lasing Pagsama was published in 1988, Bautista started on a journalistic career at the age of 25 with a book about the assassination of Salvadorian president, Alvaro Magana. He began publishing novels in 1986. Awards in Bautista include the prestigious Balagtas Adarna Award, the 1984 Miriam Award, among others. Lualhati Bautista is a graduate of the University of Iloilo, the University of the Philippines, and the Ateneo de Manila University.



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