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The Cabin 7z

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful: Generic plot, terrible interface, and.... QBASIC?, October 1, 2015by jamiephelanThis review will be written to the author as I'm going to try and be as constructive as possible. Okay. Great that you're getting into writing IF, it's such an awesome genre. I'm going to start by saying that I had to install the qb64 compiler to get this game to run. The majority of people playing your game don't know what qbasic is, and linking them to the qb64 forum isn't a good starting point. If people don't know what to do to get your game working, they won't play it. Compile your game and upload it to a server, and link it with the "download link" button on IFDB. Also, consider that a lot of people, especially in the IF community, aren't running Windows. Try and compile to a neutral format, or offer binaries for multiple operating systems. I had to compile qb64 to be able to compile your game to get it to run on my machine (linux). I'd recommend you have a look at FreeBASIC as a multi-platform alternative, with more features. It is based on QBASIC. QBASIC, or at least the engine you have written/used, is not really appropriate as a parser. It would be better to either use a proper interactive fiction parser language (eg. TADS or Inform), or write the game in more of a choose-your-own adventure style. The plot was pretty cliched, but could be expanded on to make it more interesting. Don't spoon feed them the story, let them come to the conclusions you want them to come to. The writing was poor with spelling mistakes and bad grammar everywhere. Proof-read your work! The room descriptions were completely static. I would make things like the headache and reminiscing about the scent of nature events which happen when you enter the room for the first time, and use the room descriptions to 'paint a picture' in the viewer's mind. I want to feel like I'm in the cabin - what do the walls look like? What colors are the curtains? What furniture is there? Show, don't tell. One (and probably the only) place you did this well was the hardwood floor. The directions should be given verbally. The map didn't make a lot of sense until I guessed a direction to go in. The countdown mechanic was interesting but far too long. The game lacks detail - the cabin was nowhere near big enough, or at least there wasn't enough to do/see in it. The "good ending" is completely counterintuative. The "bad ending" didn't make a lot of sense either. What motivation would the player have to do that? You've got the start of something potentially interesting here. What you need to do is proof-read, refine, and spend much more time in designing your world - and use a better language to put it together. Good luck with your future games! J

The Cabin 7z


Organized into three lounges, accommodating 12 to 16 passengers, the expansive interior of the Falcon 7X allows you to tailor your cabin to your exact needs. To further personalize your travel environment, a selection of elegant interiors is also available.

Obviously, in order to run this mod, you must purchase the Cabin Accessories DLC by SCS, as it uses and adds variants from items in the DLC. As for the priority in the mod manager, the mod should be placed above any truck or cabin accessory mod in order to fully function properly.

In this course, we will go over how to create a snowy environment using 3ds Max, Substance Designer, Marmoset and Unreal. This environment will include having a snowy cabin with terrain, nice trees and plants and will be setup in Unreal Engine. We will learn how to create procedural textures in Substance Designer and we will go over how to edit those textures very quickly so we can have multiple variations. We will then go over how to model our cabin and foliage inside 3ds Max. Once all of that is done, we will go into Unreal Engine where we will set up our scene, our materials, and apply different variations such as dirtness, parallax, mapping, vertex painting, and many more. We will add decals to enhance the overall scene, do some nice lighting and finally polish the scene.Watch online or Download for Free1.Intro00-Introduction

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy this mod :) there are some hard parts of the mod like the helipad hallway to the cabin XD. If anyone gets stuck or anything tho there are alot of playthroughs on twitch :) anyways enjoy and if you find any game breaking bugs contact me on discord :)

Lopstick is located in the Connecticut Lakes Region at the top of New Hampshire. Pittsburg has some of the best tailwater fishing in all of New England. We offer cabins located on or overlooking First Connecticut Lake, Perry Stream, Back Lake, and the Connecticut River. Lopstick offers a variety of rental options such as snowmobile rentals, motorboats, kayaks, canoes, UTV's, and rowboats.Our experienced Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guides can take you out on a true adventure. Our Upland Bird Hunting Guides have been taking people out on guided hunts with their dogs or yours for many years. Come relax in a beautiful cabin and do nothing or plan a day of true adventure at Lopstick.

How long has it been? A man sits in a distant getaway cabin waiting for his wife Serena. Where is she? Things in the cabin evoke memories, and the husband comes to a disturbing realization... This short point-and-click adventure is the result of a...

Jining Zhineng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and have developed to be a professional manufacturer and providing customized and OEM products. We are a high-tech. enterprise in China, our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.We providing mini excavator, forklift, anticorrosion tape, waterproof tape, instrument cluster assembly, cabin assembly, steering column assembly, seat assembly, wiring harness assembly and other spare parts for variety of construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, special vehicle machinery. You can choose in combination or individually according to your needs.In our company 60% of employees are R&D personnel. Hence, we have good ability to research and develop new technologies and products which help us to be one of the leaders in China markets. We can design and develop the products with advanced technical performance as per the clients' requirements, and suitable for various construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, special vehicle machinery.We have cabin assembly workshop, steering column assembly workshop,seat assembly workshop, wire harness assembly workshop,instrument cluster assembly workshop,sheet metal processing workshop,spray paint and power coating workshop.Zhineng products have achieved high reputation in construction machinery industry at home and aboard, which are regarded as "the leader in China "by universal customers. Our partners have Shantui, Liugong, Zoomlion,Yishan, Junlian, CRCC etc and have been distributed into more than 30 countries and regions such as Korean, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Turkey etc.Our orientation: Strive to provide high-quality products and contribute to increase satisfaction for our clients through our advanced technique, perfect process, reasonable prices and considerate service.

The goal of the flight of "Friendship One" was to set a Round-the-World speed record. United Airlines donated one of their B-747SP (Special Performance - N147UA) aircraft for this flight. The flight was flown by a volunteer crew from United Airlines captained by Clay Lacy. He was supported by 2 co-pilots, 2 flight engineers, 8 cabin attendants and 2 ground service personnel.A secondary goal of this RTW flight was to raise funds (approximately $500,000) to benefit children's organizations around the-world through the Friendship Foundation. The Friendship Foundation had been established by Clay Lacy, Joe Clark and Bruce McCaw and was the non-profit sponsor of this RTW flight. Some representative kid's organizations who benefitted from this RTW flight were the Children's Hospital of Seattle, UNICEF, City of Hope Children's Cancer Fund, EAA Aviation Center and the Museum of Flight Children's Scholarship Fund.The aircraft engine manufacturer, Pratt and Whitney made a major contribution toward the purchase of fuel. Refueling was handled by volunteer United Airlines ground crew personnel under the direction of Pete Torralbas. Passengers booked their seats by paying a minimum donation of $5,000 to the Friendship Foundation. The 141 person manifest included such notable names as Apollo 11 astronaut, Neal Armstrong; former test pilots, Bob Hoover and General Laurence Craigie and Moya Lear, widow of Lear Jet founder, Bill Lear.The time to beat for this RTW flight was 45H 25M 55S, set by a Gulfstream III business jet. The Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle established an elaborate ground base communication center called Mission Control to provide hourly updates and track the progress of "Friendship One" en route. After departing Seattle WA on January 28, 1988 (7:14 pm), the 747SP flew nonstop to Athens where 46,000 pounds of fuel were taken on board, drinking water was replenished, the lavatories were serviced and the oil was checked. Olympic Airways provided all ground services free of charge. The same process was repeated at Taipei Taiwan. The time spent on the ground was limited to not more than45 minutes and the passengers did not deplane. The 23,100-mile route was selected based on historic wind patterns; the stops (Athens Greece and Taipei Taiwan) were chosen because of their strategic locations, refuelingfacilities and good weather. "Friendship One" returned to Seattle WA on January 30th (8:45 am). The "Friendship One" flight was a complete success, establishing a new RTW speed record of 36H 54M 15M. This record lasted less than a month when it was beaten by a GulfstreamIV business jet, which made the trip in 36H 8M. 041b061a72


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