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Free Math Games: Fun and Educational Activities for All Ages

If your child hates maths, MathGame is not going to change their minds, as it doesn't do anything to make it fun! For adults, while it may be interesting to see how much of your times table you've forgotten, MathGame is so much less sophisticated that Nintendo's Brain Training games it looks pretty dull. Unless you donate to the developers, upon closing the game, you have to wait for a "nag window" to close, which is quite irritating.

Kids will get excited about practicing math with these fun, clever, and free math games. These printable math games and fun activities are perfect for practicing counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, counting coins, telling time, shapes, writing numbers, and more. These free printable maths games are perfect for preschool, pre-k, kindegarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th graders.

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Helping kids become fluent in counting to 100 is so much easier when you go step-by-step and make it fun!! Here are tons of fun counting games, addition & subtraction games, shape bingo, and so many more math games to make learning FUN!

1st graders love learning, especially when you make it into FUN math games! Kids will love these, fun, creative, and seasonal math games to help them practice addition, subtraction, money, telling time, and more!

All these math printables are arranged alphabetically so you can quickly scan to find the skill and theme to make math fun. If you prefer to see picture thumbnails of these printable math games for 1st grade, you can see our first grade worksheets page.

Second graders will have fun practicing adding, subtracting, counting coins, learning about place value, skip counting, and more, with our ever growing list of free math games! Just click on any topic or theme from our alphabetized list below. If you prefer to see picture thumbnails of our printable math games for grade 2, you can see them on our 2nd grade worksheets page.

Looking for more fun, creative ways you can begin homeschooling for free? See our history lesson plans, math games for kids, english worksheets, sight words activities, alphabet worksheets, and cvc word games for kids of all ages!

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Join us for Global Math Week by devoting one or more days of math instruction this week to trying a new approach to math, either from the games on this page or other options on the Global Math Project website. Share your experience by tagging @GlobalMathProj and @STMath!

A great alternative to workbooks and flashcards to help kids practice math and build lifelong skills is using fun and interactive math games. Interactive activities not only promote strategic mathematical thinking, but can also serve as pivotal building blocks in your child's lifelong journey with math.

There are many websites that offer wide selections of fun math games for kids, for various grade levels. From problem-solving activities and counting games to word problems, multiplication games, and time games, here are some of our favorite educational games!

With games aimed at students from 1st grade to 6th grade, Math Playground is a treasure trove of free online math games for kids. There are games focused on specific, grade-wise topics, allowing kids to hone one skill at a time, and build on topics as they master them.

Kids pre-k to 3rd grade can learn about math with their favorite PBS characters. This website is full of cool math games designed to keep kids engaged while learning math skills. And, its completely free!

Imaginative DIY math games are a great, inexpensive, way to channel antsy energy into productive, educational practice. There are a number of different ways you can create a fun math game.

Learn to divide with these free math games for 3rd graders. Math division puzzles are a great method how students learn division easily. As kids complete the division tasks, they gradually reveal pictures of animals. Play now

Download free printable math games for grade 3 in PDF below. Most of these worksheets have two pages, the first one is the worksheet and the other one contains also the answers. You can browse all our math worksheets for 3rd grade here.

Are you looking for free online math games? At Math Play you can find a wide variety of fun games that you can play online. Most games are suitable for elementary and middle grades. They are organized by grade level, content, and game type.

Money Games Soccer MathBaseball Math Math JeopardyTime GamesMath Basketball Football MathMath Racing Games Math MillionaireMatching GamesMath Vocabulary Halloween Math Math Magician Elementary Math Games- Interesting elementary math games for 1st - 5th grade students.

Prodigy Math Game is a free, self-paced math game that is curriculum-aligned for grades 1-8. Ultimately, Prodigy is still a math learning tool with the core elements of an online role-playing game, and downloading the free game on your PC, or mobile device is groundbreaking enough to witness improvement. Among our list of best math apps, Prodigy Math Game is loved by over a million teachers and 50 million students around the world.

Join over 15 million teachers and students already using Prodigy math to learn math for free! With over 900 crucial math skills for Grades 1-8, Prodigy math game is the perfect online maths game for mastering mathematics both at home and at school.

Each grade covers key mathematics topics that all students must master. All educational content in Prodigy is free, and will stay free forever! We only make money through a completely optional game upgrade, which only unlocks some extra content.

Are you looking for low-prep ways to review important math skills? Or perhaps you need some math practice to use as homework or sub plans. Whatever the need, I have a HUGE range of printable math activities and games available free.

All of my printable activities are organized by grade level groups and are listed on the individual pages. Use the links below to go to the different grade level pages to see the free math worksheets and printables available.

If you enjoyed this post, you will love being a part of the Math Geek Mama community! Each week I send an email with fun and engaging math ideas, free resources and special offers. Join 163,000+ readers as we help every child succeed and thrive in math! PLUS, receive my FREE ebook, 5 Math Games You Can Play TODAY, as my gift to you!

Join 165,000+ parents and teachers who learn new tips and strategies, as well as receive engaging resources to make math fun. Plus, receive my guide, "5 Games You Can Play Today to Make Math Fun," as my free gift to get you started!

Whether you realise it or not, the great outdoors and maths go hand in hand, and these outdoor maths games and activities should serve as inspiration about how you can help your child learn maths while outdoors!

Step 2: The board games you play can vary depending on the age of your child. With younger children, the plates can be numbered to encourage counting or learning their number bonds, whilst older kids could have times tables or other maths facts to answer as they go round the board.

Whilst some classroom resources may be a little hard to come by at home, most family homes have a dice or two lying around. With most board games coming prepackaged with a dice, dig them out of the cupboard and re-purpose them for these fun maths dice games.

The aim of playing this game is to complete several challenges and collect gems, which unlock monsters who will live on the island. Math Tango is undoubtedly one of the amazing free math apps that children can play on a tablet.

Monster Math game is filled with exciting elements, from defeating evil monsters to rescue a friend; the game makes practicing math skills more exciting and appealing. To download the game, click here.

Madagascar math ops is an exciting and fun game for children to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In the game, your child will encounter thousands of math problems ranging from 1st to 4th grade. There is no reason not to download this game today. Click here

If your child likes other brain games like Word Search Puzzles, 2048, etc., then he or she will like this game. Unlike other best free math apps listed in this post, KenKen Classic is available for both Android and iOS devices.

If you have a young child in preschool, the Butterfly Math app is one of the best free math apps you should install on his or her mobile device. The app helps children to learn the concepts of counting and addition; also, the app is developed in such a way that children get rewarded for getting answers correctly.

Math is actually an interesting subject once the concept is understood. Children that struggle to understand math as a topic can actually improve with the help of the above-listed free math apps and games.

We make multiplayer educational games - free math games, free language arts games, and more for K-8 students. With Arcademics Plus, teachers and parents can view data reports and customize game content. Arcademics games can be played on the iPad app and Android app.

One of the best ways of teaching the 3rd graders are activities that challenge them to improve their skills while actually having fun with the subjects. Below you can find various types of math games including printable fraction games, math rounding games, geometry games for the classroom, math vocabulary and much more. Enjoy!

This cut & glue sudoku is what you need to make math a leisure activity for children. Print out our free worksheets and cut out the boxes. Then ask your children to fill the grids so that each column and row have each of the pictures.

Keep the children engaged with their peers in the learning process. Discover 3rd grade classroom math games and let math become a fun activity for them! These games can even be used to preparing for Math Kangaroo, as an extra addition to Math Kangaroo Past Papers.


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